What Are Skins/Wraps?

Wrapupskin wraps gives a premium look to your device. Skins are stylish wraps that protect the back, front, and sides of your device/product from nicks, scratches, and fingerprints. Our skins are made only from authentic high quality materials and come in many textures, giving you full freedom to customize the look of your phone. These are custom cut for the dimensions of your device and adhere directly to the device, providing seamless protection without adding any further bulk. Being just 0.2 mm thick, our skins allow you freehold and carry. Our skins are so thin that any average onlooker would think that your phone is shipped straight out of the factory with this gorgeous look.

What's the difference between skins & cases?

Skins are far thinner than a case made from a self-adhesive vinyl material that’s been precisely cut for one specific device, lending a brand-new look. You can easily customize your skin wraps. Skins can be used for a very long time compared to Case. You can give your device/product a whole new look whether in Case it is not possible.

Are skins removable?

Yes, skins can be removed easily and there will be no residue on the phone after removal and we can also use that skin after removal.

Are WrapupSkin skins waterproof?

Yes, Skins are 100% water-proof and will not get affected even when your device is submerged or exposed to water.

Are Wrapupskin skins fade-proof?

Yes, when applied on your device, will retain their premium lookwithout fading or discoloring and even when it is exposed to varying climatic conditions.

Is it safe to shop on your site?

Yes, as safe as it can get. We do not access or save your credit card details or any other payment information. Your payment information is processed through highly secured PCI DSS certified servers of our payment partners and ensures maximum safety for your payment credentials.

Moreover, this website is secured through a trusted Secured Socket Layer using a modern cipher suite. This ensures that all information you send us via the internet will be encrypted using a 256-bit secure socket layer confirming to TLS 1.2 standards.

Do skins protect our device/product?

As much as users say they did, Skins don’t offer drop protection. These skins are made from premium vinyl. While the skins look great and have an amazing texture, they can protect your device from scratches & light damage but they really can’t absorb impact in case of a drop. So, in case you drop your phone, skins will not be able to withstand it.For that much protection you can use transparent protective cases on skins.

Can WrapupSkin skin damage my device?

Not at all! Our Skin uses high quality adhesive which does not damage any part of your device/product at all.

Can we put a case over skins?

Yes, We can easily use a clear case after skin is perfectly applied if you  want protection.

How much time does WrapupSkin skins can be last?

If it is applied and used properly and handled with macimum care, Our skins can last up to minimum 2 years.

How WrapupSkin skins are better than other brand skins?

WrapupSkins Skins are a lot tougher and more resilient in preventing your precious gadgets from scratches when compared to other skins that you get elsewhere. Services which we give are unmatched in this indutry. Our skins are made only from authentic 3M materials and will give your phone a premium look and superior protection. Our Skins are designed to cover the entire back panel of your device including the sides and corners. Our skins are most precised out there. Our precision is unreal and unmet. Our mobile back skins and camera lens skins line up accurately to shield every corner of your device to provide the best mix of style and scratch protection that no other skins can provide.

Are WrapupSkin skins compatible with wireless charging?

Yes, Skins supports all type of wireless gadgets.

What payment methods are supported?

We support all Credit / Debit cards, UPI, Net Banking Cash cards, Wallets and many other Options. These payments are processed by our highly secured payment partner Razorpay.

Is COD (Cash on Delivery) available?

Yes, COD option is available for delivery to almost all major locations within India. You could check whether COD is available by entering your area Pin code in the product page. If COD is not available for your pin code, there is lot of other payment options which you can use to easily make payment for your order.

What If The Product Has A Defect?

If you identify a defect in the skin before the application, just mail us some images of the product within 48 hours of receiving the shipment. After examining the same, we will exchange your product at our cost. If you identify the defect after the application, mail some photos and we will advise further action after examining the defect.

Will you be making WrapupSkin skins for my device?

We keep developing skins for all the latest and popular devices. In case we do not have a skin for your favorite device, just fill this form drop us a mail or a message and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

What if my question is not listed here?

You can use the live chat section or drop us a mail and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.